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  The perfect way to display your photos is on a memory book!

    Mine are unique as I offer only exclusive magazine themed memory books!

  These are premium quality paper and print. All you have to do is pick from my templates and you can contact me for customizing the details! It's not only a fun coffee table book, but also a special way to reminisce with your loved ones when looking back on your session.

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The Collage Template
item #: T001

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The Minimalist Template
item #: T002
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The Statement Template
item #: T003

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The Main Event Template
item # 1004

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 When purchasing a magazine, you can customize the following after choosing your template:

   -  the cover text

   -  inside blurb in the front page
   -  number of pages (20 cents                after the 
first 20 pages)

   -  Barcode or no barcode on the          back

 Please contact me directly to add or customize anything else!

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$ 25.99

    The details: 

These premium magazines have a high-end magazine finish with a heavier cover.


  -  Cover: 80# Semi-gloss (216  

    GSM) for heft and protection

  -  Paper: 80# Matte text (118 GSM)      paper

  -  Product size: 11 inches by 8 and        5/8 inches

Mary Olson Photography is inclusive to all. Pensacola based family, wedding and lifestyle photographer. Based out of Florida, but able to travel anywhere!
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